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 Caring for your puppy.
Caring for your new puppy can be a learning experience for someone especially if it is your first pet.  Puppies are much like children and require constant care and time to teach your new baby good manners and  potty training.  Please visit some of the links below to help make your experience easier.  The more informed your are before your puppy comes home the easier it will be for both of you.  A puppy from a good breeder will have the puppy started on a schedule including feeding and potty time.  The best way to potty train your puppy is "crate training" and anytime he is not sleeping in his crate you should take your puppy outside as often as possible while he is a youngster (every hour at first and lengthen as he grows).  Key times your puppy will need to potty is immediately after eating / drinking, after taking naps/sleeping, and after a period of playing (when your puppy starts to wonder off and sniff the ground).   When your puppy is very young you should carry your puppy from the crate to outside to prevent accidents before getting to the door.  Routine health visits to your vet are essential to make sure your puppy is growing well, along with continuation with the appropriate vaccinations against diseases, and that puppies stay worm free as they are common to puppies/dogs.   Just like people, what you feed your puppy can also determine how healthy your puppy will be so please choose a high quality 6 rated dog food or raw diet.  We also have some links below for natural deworming/minerals.
Information on potty/crate training your puppy
Dog Breed Info
Common Facts, Questions and answers about your dog/pupppy
How and when to socialize your puppy.
Dog training and behavior information
 Dog Foods - One of the most important factors to keeping your pet healthy.

Food and Nutrition is one of the most important influences you can have to help keep your pet healthy along with veterinary care.  We highly recommend keeping your puppy on a high quality food (free of by-products or wheat/corn/soy to avoid allergies as they are not species appropriate).   Although some foods may cost a little more they will keep your pet healthier thus reducing vet bills and health problems/ allergies.   Many allergy and health problems are directly related to what is in kibble for dogs and can be avoided.  In our search for the best quality dog food we have learned that the processed cooked foods and also the unnesessary high carb grains in kibble causes allergies and health issues because this is not how dogs are designed to eat.  Raw diet as dogs would eat in the wild is the absolute best for your pet will produce a balanced diet keeping there teeth pearly white with no tarter build up (eliminating teeth cleanings), elimate ear problems/infections caused allergies to grains in kibble, reduce obesity from excess carbs found in kibble (less diabetes) and keep their skin/coat immaculate along with excellent health and longer life.  Although our dogs have been very healthy we want the best for them and want to info more people so you can also provide the best for your dog/puppy.  Please visit the links below to learn more for yourself.  There is much info available on the internet, these are just a few of the links!  

Please visit the dog food analysis link to inform yourself about common brand name kibble and to compare brands.  If you are going to feed kibble we recommend a high quality meat protein dog food.

Dog Food Analysis - Explanation of what is in your dog food
Visit this site to see a review of dog foods (kibble) on the market.  We believe and highly recommend a natural raw diet (please see links) for all dogs but if it is not possible we suggest a 6 star rated dog food with meat as the protein source and that is grain free for a healthier, longer living companion.   We reccomend Taste of the Wild, Orijen, Innova Evo to name a few.
The Best Dog Food
Please read this information on dog food and what is best for your dog.  It is very informative and written by a veterinarian looking at both sides.
Raw Learning - Great info on learning about feeding natural raw to dogs
Full of information along with questions and answers on the benefits of raw fed dogs from a show breeder
Yahoo Group on Raw Feeding for your questions

Yahoo group where you can post questions on raw feeding and search other questions and answers.

A great source for Phoenix, Tucson, and Flagstaff areas for raw meat for dogs.

Source for grass fed beef raw pet food.

AZ Raw Bones - Resource for discounted raw food for dogs

Arizona resource for reasonable raw food for dogs

Suzzy's Doggie Delights - Arizona's Natural Raw Diet for Dogs
Info about raw feeding with benefits, question & answers and myths
Raw Vet Group - Designed for vet's and related professionals to discuss raw diet.
 Neat Story
 Pick a quality food for your dog/puppy
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